Sunday, 26 May 2013

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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Hana Hearts Giveaway!!

Hana Hearts is holding a giveaway~
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Friday, 6 January 2012

EOS WM-202 Blue Review

Hahaz..Received my EOS lens frm my fren when she came back for holidae frm korea..
heres some pics:
EOS WM-202

I tried the blue one wit makeup!!
All pics are w/o light is damn bright!!(lolz..i luv the lashes =x)

w/o makeup:
heres a pic of me w/o lens:

You c the diff?LOLZ!!

Super <333 the lens!!
They are sooooo comfy and the enlarging effect is gd!!
Personally i luv it size 14.8mm..
i dun really like those super big lens..o.o
Its super thin compared to other lens..
I can feel it when im cleaning it..><
ok..i wore it for quite long hrs..
like 9-10 hrs?its not vry irritable..=x
Rating:9/10(no doubt..i <3 it so much!!)
LOL pic(going to remove makeup wit my hairband):

Edited pic:

Happy 2012!!

Happy 2012 to all of u!!its been long time since i update my blog..
haizz..damn bz..wurk wurk..OTL

i hav gt some new eyelashes so damn long ago..(sry 4 my lousy cam =.=)

Eyemazing No.807

  Eyemazing No.810

 Eyemazing No.801

here r some pics which im wearing 807 & 810:
 i look so fat..T^T
close ups:
Upper Lash:Eyemazing x Zipper No 807
Lower Lash:Eyemazing x Zipper No 810

Review for 807:
I think it can be use for swt natural look..
The lashes r in brown in i used brown liner to match it..
It was the first time which i did nt use black liner..
I felt so wierd!!
Overall i felt vry comfortable in wearing them..
But these unique brown lashes r damn pricey..
money flew away..*sob sob*
When i clean these lashes they did nt drop strands like my diamond lashes..=.=
i <3 the reusability!!


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Mirai's giveaway

Mirai is holding a great giveaway~<33

 Mirai's giveaway

Saturday, 8 October 2011

VK or gal style?

Hahahaz..i alwayz caught in between of to dress VK style..
or dress like a gal..
seriously i damn luv the looks of the VK band members..
oooo...those awesome hairstyle wit diff colors!! 0w0

but im oso a gal..i oso wan to look pretty in those dress!!
especially looking at those jap cosmectic/magazine models!!><

heres a pic of me witout much makeup..only foundation..
damn high forehead..OTL

tis is my vk style~

n tis is me wit different makeup style(gal-ish type?)..
oya pls ignore the rabbit teeth..~.~

blehh..which is better?><

Ganguro style

Gomen for not updating my blog..bzbz..><"
a few daes ago i came across this vid:

so i decided to giv it a try..
my normal makeup..~.~ dark i apply only bronzer all ovr face..
lolz..i no apply on neck..
w/o any decoration~
 LOLZ..i dunno y i look fierce in tis pic..o.o
hahaz..i realised i dun hav any i use pen to draw on instead..=x

close up~
removed my wig..

i think i gonna find a whiter eyeliner/eyeshadow..OTL

wat do u guyz think abt tis?><
feel free to comment & share tips on how i can improve on tis..arigatou!!^^